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Primary Immunodeficiency

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2 Table of Contents Page 4 Evidence Grades, Internet Resources for PIDDs 5 Abbreviations 6 Key Points 7 Diagnosis 7 General Considerations 8 Figure 1. General Approach for the Diagnosis of Primary Immunodeficiency 9-10 Table 1. Characteristic Clinical Presentations of Some Immunodeficiency Disorders 11 Table 2. Laboratory Tests of Immune Function 12 Table 3. Summary of Laboratory Findings in the Diagnosis of Antibody Deficiencies 13 Treatment 14-16 Table 4. Summary of Therapeutic Considerations for Primary Immunodeficiencies and their Complications 16 Table 5. Regimens for Prophylaxis of Bacterial Respiratory Tract Infections 17-48 Categories of PIDD 17 Figure 2. Diagnosis of Combined or Syndromic Immunodeficiencies 15 Combined B- and T-Cell Immunodeficiencies 19-21 Table 6. Clinical and Laboratory Manifestations of Selected Combined Immunodeficiencies and Syndromes

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