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23 Table 9. Laboratory Monitoring of Alternative Agents for Patients with Refractory CU Alternative agent Baseline laboratory tests Monitoring on therapy Montelukast None None Hydroxychloroquine G6PD, LFT, BUN/Cr None Dapsone G6PD, CBC, LFT Monthly: CBC, LFT × 6 mo and then periodically Sulfasalazine CBC, LFT, BUN/Cr Monthly: CBC, LFT, BUN/Cr × 3 mo and then every 3 mo Methotrexate CBC, LFT, BUN/Cr, Chest x-ray Every 2–4 wk: CBC, LFT, BUN/Cr Colchicine LFT, BUN/Cr None Cyclosporine (CSA) CBC, LFT, BUN/Cr, K, lipids Every 2–4 wk: BUN/Cr, K, CSA Periodic: lipids, glucose Tacrolimus CBC, LFT, BUN/Cr, K, lipids Same as cyclosporine, except check tacrolimus levels Mycophenolate CBC, LFT, BUN/Cr First month: weekly CBC en CBC every 2 wk for 2–3 mo and then monthly Omalizumab None None Immune globulin BUN/Cr, CBC Periodic monitoring of BUN/ Cr, CBC

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