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Rheumatoid Arthritis Integrative Treatment

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Interventions Table 1. Descriptions and examples of interventions included in the integrative management of rheumatoid arthritis guideline Intervention Description and/or examples Exercise Physical exercise Movement of the body requiring energ y expenditure. Exercise Performance of physical activity in regular and structured manner to improve fitness and health. Aerobic exercise Exercise intended to improve cardiorespiratory fitness and muscular endurance. Examples include walking, biking or cycling, running, hiking, aerobics, rowing, swimming, using an elliptical. Aquatic exercise Exercise performed in water, containing elements of both aerobic and resistance exercise. Examples include swimming, water aerobics, water walking or jogging. Resistance exercise Exercise intended to increase muscular strength. Examples include free weights, weight machines, resistance bands, Pilates. Mind-body exercise Exercise that combines movement, mental focus, and controlled breathing. Examples include yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong. Rehabilitation Comprehensive occupational therapy Evaluation and treatment by occupational therapist with the goal of increasing physical function and participation. Receives patient-centered individualized treatment. Components of OT services vary and may include arthritis education, ADL evaluation and training, joint protection, activity pacing, work simplification and fatigue management, exercise (particularly for the hand and arm), splinting/orthotics, provision of assistive/adaptive devices, environmental adaptations, work and leisure counselling/rehabilitation, work site assessment, sexual advice, relaxation, and pain and stress management training. Comprehensive physical therapy Evaluation and treatment by a physical therapist. Components of PT services will vary and should include exercise. May also include functional training and physical activity, energ y conservation, workplace accommodations, mobility and gait training, manual therapy, self-management education, electrotherapy, application of orthoses, instruction in assistive devices, pain-management (including thermal therapy). Hand therapy exercises Exercises of the hand to improve mobility and strength.

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