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Bowel Cleansing

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Figure 1. Ottawa Scale Evaluation Table 2. Boston Bowel Preparation Scale 0 Unprepared colon segment with mucosa not seen because of solid stool that cannot be cleared. 1 Portion of mucosa of the colon segment seen, but other areas of the colon segment are not well seen because of staining, residual stool, and/or opaque liquid. 2 Minor amount of residual staining, small fragments of stool, and/or opaque liquid, but mucosa of colon segment is seen well. 3 Entire mucosa of colon segment seen well, with no residual staining, small fragments of stool, or opaque liquid. e Ottawa bowel preparation quality scale use guide. (1) Part A of the scale is applied to each colon segment: right colon (Right), midcolon (Mid), and the rectosigmoid colon (Recto-Sigmoid). (2) e fluid quantity is a global value for the entire colon. (3) e score is calculated by adding the ratings of 0–4 for each colon segment and the fluid quantity rating of 0–2. (4) e scale has a range from 0 (perfect) to 14 (solid stool in each colon segment and lots of fluid; ie, a completely unprepared colon). (5) Before using the scale in a study or audit, observers need to perform a calibration exercise.

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