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8 Treatment Table 2. Options to Help Reduce Earwax Secondary Prevention Choices • Alcohol or hydrogen peroxide drops or irrigation • Topical earwax softening agents • Irrigation with bulb syringe or irrigation kits • Checking of the ear canal for cerumen by clinician in hearing aid users • Physically removing wax by healthcare provider NOT Advised • Daily olive oil drops or sprays • Ear Candling • Probing ears with foreign objects (i.e. cotton-tipped swaps; pens/pen tops; paper clips) Table 3. Topical Preparations Preparation Active Constituents Water-based • Acetic acid • Aqueous acetic acid • Cerumenex ® • Triethanolamine polypeptide oleate-condensate • Colace ® • Docusate sodium • Hydrogen peroxide • Hydrogen peroxide solution • Sodium bicarbonate • Sodium bicarbonate • Sterile saline solution • Water Oil-based • Almond oil • Almond oil • Arachis oil • Arachis oil • Earex ® • Arachis oil, almond oil, rectified camphor oil • Olive oil • Olive oil • Mineral oil/liquid petrolatum • Liquid petrolatum Non-water, non-oil based • Audax ® • Choline salicylate, glycerine • Debrox ® • Carbamide peroxide (urea-hydrogen peroxide)

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