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4 Table 1. Summary of Guideline Key Action Statements (KAS) Statement Action Strength 1. Primary prevention Clinicians should explain proper ear hygiene to prevent cerumen impaction when patients have an accumulation of cerumen. R-C 2A. Diagnosis of cerumen impaction Clinicians should diagnose cerumen impaction when an accumulation of cerumen as seen on otoscopy 1) is associated with symptoms, or 2) prevents needed assessment of the ear, or 3) both. R-B 2B. Modifying factors Clinicians should assess the patient with cerumen impaction by history and/ or physical examination for factors that modify management such as one or more of the following : anticoagulant therapy[D] immunocompromised state[D], diabetes mellitus[C], prior radiation therapy to the head and neck[C], ear canal stenosis, exostoses, non-intact tympanic membrane[D]. R-C/D 3A. Need for intervention if impacted Clinicians should treat, or refer to another clinician who can treat, cerumen impaction when identified. S-B 3B. Non-intervention if asymptomatic Clinicians should not routinely treat cerumen in patients who are asymptomatic and whose ears can be adequately examined. R-C 3C. Need for intervention in special populations Clinicians should identify patients with obstructing cerumen in the ear canal who may not be able to express symptoms (young children and cognitively impaired children and adults) and promptly evaluate the need for intervention. R-C 4. Intervention in hearing aid users Clinicians should perform otoscopy to detect the presence of cerumen in patients with hearing aids during a health care encounter. R-C Key Points

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