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Community-Acquired Pneumonia

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Abbreviations ACIP, Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices; ATS, American Thoracic Society; bid, twice daily; BUN, blood urea nitrogen; C, celsius; CA-MRSA, community-acquired methicillin- resistant Staphylococcus aureus; CAP, community-acquired pneumonia; COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; CURB-65, confusion, urea nitrogen, respiratory rate, low blood pressure, age ≥ 65 years; d, day; dL, deciliter; ED, emergency department; h, hour(s); HCAP, health care asoociated pneumonia; Hg, mercury; ICU, intensive care unit; IDSA, Infectious Diseases Society of America; i.m., intramuscular; i.v., intravenous; MIC, minimum inhibitory concentration; mg, milligram; mL, milliliter; mm, millimeter; NA, not applicable; PaO2 arterial oxygen pressure/fraction of inspired oxygen; p.o., oral; PSI, pneumonia severity index; q, every; tid, three times daily; UAT, urinary antigen test; WBC, white blood cell; yr, year(s) /FiO2 , Disclaimer This Guideline attempts to define principles of practice that should produce high-quality patient care. It is applicable to specialists, primary care, and providers at all levels. This Guideline should not be considered exclusive of other methods of care reasonably directed at obtaining the same results. The ultimate judgment concerning the propriety of any course of conduct must be made by the clinician aſter consideration of each individual patient situation. Neither IGC, the medical associations, nor the authors endorse any product or service associated with the distributor of this clinical reference tool. 5740 Executive Drive Suite 218 Baltimore, MD 21228 TEL: 410-869-3332 • FAX: 410-744-2150 For additional copies: Copyright © 2010 All rights reserved

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