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Selecting a Treatment Regimen Persons with Psychiatric Illnesses ÎPatients with HCV infection and concomitant mental and psychiatric disorders can be considered for treatment using the currently approved regimens (IIa-C). ÎTreatment of HCV infection in patients with psychiatric disorders should be undertaken only with the support of a multidisciplinary team that should include psychiatric counseling services (IIa-C). Illicit Drug Users ÎTreatment of HCV infection can be considered for persons even if they currently use illicit drugs or who are on a methadone maintenance program, provided they wish to take HCV treatment and are able and willing to maintain close monitoring and practice contraception (IIa-C). ÎPersons who use illicit drugs should receive continued support from drug abuse and psychiatric counseling services as an important adjunct to treatment of HCV infection (IIa-C). General Management Issues ÎAll persons with chronic HCV infection who lack antibodies to hepatitis A and B should be offered vaccination against these two viral infections (IIa-C). ÎPersons with chronic HCV infection should be advised to abstain from alcohol consumption (IIb-C). 14

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