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Ablation Techniques for Benign Thyroid Nodules

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Disclaimer is resource is for informational purposes only, intended as a quick-reference tool based on the cited source guideline(s), and should not be used as a substitute for the independent professional judgment of healthcare providers. Practice guidelines are unable to account for every individual variation among patients or take the place of clinician judgment, and the ultimate decision concerning the propriety of any course of conduct must be made by healthcare providers aer consideration of each individual patient situation. Guideline Central does not endorse any specific guideline(s) or guideline recommendations and has not independently verified the accuracy hereof. Any use of this resource or any other Guideline Central resources is strictly voluntary. Abbreviations BP, blood pressure; CCA, common carotid artery; CPT, Current Procedural Terminolog y; FNA, fine needle aspiration; IR, interventional radiolog y; MSG, middle sympathetic ganglion; MWA, microwave ablation; PCP, primary care physician; RF, radiofrequency; RFA, radiofrequency ablation; TA, thermal ablation; TFT, thyroid function tests; TR, trachea; US, ultrasound Source Sinclair CF, Baek JH, Hands KE, et al. General Principles for the Safe Performance, Training, and Adoption of Ablation Techniques for Benign yroid Nodules: An American yroid Association Statement. yroid. 2023;33(10):1150-1170. doi:10.1089/thy.2023.0281 1258 Upsala Rd Sanford, FL 32771 TEL: 407.878.7606 • FAX: 407.878.7611 Order additional copies at Copyright © 2024 All rights reserved ATAABL01242

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