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3 Definitions of Terms Used ➤ Sliding scale insulin (SSI): Reactive approach to insulin therapy in which a rapid-acting insulin analogue or regular insulin dose (Table 1) is administered for an elevated BG level often without regard to timing of food or meal ingestion, the presence or absence of preexisting insulin administration, or individualization of the patient's sensitivity to insulin. SSI doses range from 0 units to a prespecified maximum dose for BG levels below and above a defined level. BG measures for SSI are usually obtained by a hospital point-of-care blood glucose (POC-BG) monitoring device. ➤ Correction insulin therapy: Administration of a rapid-acting analogue or regular insulin dosing (Table 1) based on POC-BG readings obtained prior to a meal in patients who are eating or at 4–6-hour intervals in patients who are nil per os (NPO). Correction insulin can be used alone in specific situations or in combination with scheduled insulin therapy. ➤ Scheduled insulin therapy: A combination of an intermediate or long- acting basal insulin (Table 1) with prandial administration of a rapid- acting or short-acting insulin or as a combination of basal insulin with correction insulin administered prior to meals based on POC-BG levels. ➤ Basal bolus insulin (BBI) therapy: An approach to scheduled insulin therapy that combines: a. basal insulin administered once or twice a day with b. prandial insulin in combination with correction insulin. ➤ Carbohydrate counting (CC): Method used to calculate prandial insulin doses based on the anticipated amount of carbohydrate (CHO) to be consumed as part of a meal. When using CC as scheduled prandial insulin therapy, insulin is dosed according to a prespecified ratio between the insulin dose and the grams of CHO consumed (e.g., 1 unit of insulin for every 15 grams of planned CHO consumption).

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