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Pediatric Obesity

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Key Points 2 Î Pediatric obesity remains an ongoing serious international health concern affecting ~17% of US children and adolescents, threatening their adult health and longevity. Î Pediatric obesity has its basis in genetic susceptibilities influenced by a permissive environment starting in utero and extending through childhood and adolescence. • Genetic screening for rare syndromes is indicated only in the presence of specific historical or physical features. Î Endocrine etiologies for obesity are rare and usually are accompanied by attenuated growth patterns. Î Pediatric comorbidities are common, and long-term health complications often result. Screening for comorbidities of obesity should be applied in a hierarchal, logical manner for early identification before more serious complications result. Î The psychological toll of pediatric obesity on the individual and family necessitates screening for mental health issues and counseling as indicated. Î The prevention of pediatric obesity by promoting healthful diet, activity, and environment should be a primary goal, since achieving effective, long-lasting results with lifestyle modification once obesity occurs is difficult.

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