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PWM: Individual Sessions in Multicomponent Pediatric Weight Management Interventions ➤ The RDN can include individual sessions as part of the multi-component pediatric weight management intervention. Treatment that relied exclusively on individual pediatric weight management sessions with or without family participation was associated with shorter-term positive weight status outcomes. Information about the longer-term impact on weight status are mixed. (Fair, Imperative) PWM: Fast Food Meal Frequency in Children and Teens ➤ If the overweight or obese child or teen consumes fast-food meals, the RDN should encourage reduction in the frequency of fast-food intake to less than twice a week. Limited evidence in populations eight to 16 years of age at baseline, suggests that higher frequency of fast-food consumption, particularly more than twice a week is associated with increased adiposity; BMI Z-score; or risk of obesity during childhood, adolescence and during the transition from adolescence into adulthood. (Weak, Conditional)

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