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Drug Testing Pocket Guide

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3 Part 1: Principles of Drug Testing in Addiction Treatment Clinical Value of Drug Testing Principles of Biological Detection of Substance Use Î Providers should understand that drug tests are designed to measure whether a substance has been used within a particular window of time. Drug Testing and Self-Reported Substance Use Î Drug testing should be used in combination with a patient's self- reported information about substance use. Î Drug testing is an important supplement to self-report because patients may be unaware of the composition of the substances(s) they have used. Î Drug testing is particularly appropriate for patients facing negative consequences if substance use is detected, who are therefore less likely to provide accurate self-reported substance use information. Î Discrepancy between self-report and drug tests results can be a point of engagement for the provider. Drug Testing and Patient Outcomes Î Because evidence suggests that drug testing assists with monitoring adherence and abstinence in treatment and can improve patient outcomes, drug testing should be used widely in addiction treatment settings. Drug Testing and Evidence-Based Therapy Î Contingency management is the most extensively researched behavioral therapy used in conjunction with drug testing. When utilizing contingency management therapy to encourage abstinence, providers should consider incorporating drug testing. Clinical Use of Drug Testing Therapeutic Tool Î Drug testing is recommended as a therapeutic tool as part of evidence-based addiction treatment. Î Providers should utilize drug testing to explore denial, motivation, and actual substance use behaviors with patients. Î If drug testing results contradict self-reports of use, therapeutic discussions should take place.

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