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Healthcare-Associated Infections

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Prevention of Surgical Site Infection (SSI) Basic practices for prevention and monitoring of SSI* ÎPerform surveillance for SSI (A-II). ÎProvide ongoing feedback on SSI surveillance and process measures to surgical and perioperative personnel and leadership (A-II). ÎIncrease the efficiency of surveillance through the use of automated data (A-II). ÎAdminister antimicrobial prophylaxis in accordance with evidence- based standards and guidelines (A-I). ÎDo not remove hair at the operative site unless the presence of hair will interfere with the operation; do not use razors (A-II). ÎControl blood glucose level during the immediate postoperative period for patients undergoing cardiac surgery (A-I). ÎMeasure and provide feedback to providers on the rates of compliance with process measures, including antimicrobial prophylaxis, proper hair removal, and glucose control (for cardiac surgery) (A-III). ÎImplement policies and practices aimed at reducing the risk of SSI that meet regulatory and accreditation requirements and that are aligned with evidence-based standards (eg, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and professional organization guidelines) (A-II). ÎEducate surgeons and perioperative personnel about SSI prevention (A-III). ÎEducate patients and their families about SSI prevention, as appropriate (A-III). Special approaches for the prevention of SSI** ÎPerform an SSI risk assessment. ÎPerform expanded SSI surveillance to determine the source and extent of the problem and to identify possible targets for intervention (B-II). Approaches that should SSI prevention be considered a routine part of ÎDo not routinely use vancomycin for antimicrobial prophylaxis (B-II). ÎDo not routinely delay surgery to provide parenteral nutrition (A-I). N OT

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