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HIV Primary Care

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Î The prognosis of persons with HIV infection continues to improve. However, with fewer complications and increased survival, HIV- infected persons are increasingly developing common health problems that also affect the general population. Some of these conditions may be related to HIV infection itself or its treatment. Î HIV-infected persons should be managed and monitored for all relevant age- and sex-specific health problems. 1 Figure 2. HIV Algorithm Sensitive HIV – 1 / 2 immunossay (3 rd or 4 th generation) A1+ A2 A1(-) Negative for HIV-1 and HIV-2 antibodies and p24 Ag* HIV-1/HIV-2 discriminatory immunoassay HIV-1+ HIV- 1&2 (-) HIV-2+ HIV-1 antibodies detected Initiate care (and viral load) HIV-2 antibodies detected Initiate care NAAT NAAT+ NAAT (-) Acute HIV-1 infection Initiate Care Negative HIV-1 infection Additional follow-up for HIV-2

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