Healthcare-Associated Infections (IDSA Bundle)

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Key Points ÎÎThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 1 of every 10-20 patients hospitalized in the United States develops a healthcareassociated infection. General Principles ÎÎEducate healthcare personnel; ensure that only trained, dedicated personnel perform procedures. ÎÎPeriodically assess personnel compliance with protocols. ÎÎEducate patients/relatives about prevention. ÎÎPerform risk assessment. ÎÎAssess need carefully and use lower risk procedure/technique/device whenever possible. ÎÎDiscontinue device as soon as possible. ÎÎUse hospital-approved protocols and checklists for each procedure. ÎÎPerform hand hygiene frequently. ÎÎDo not open sterile, closed systems. Replace if opening occurs. ÎÎDocument indications for procedure, individual performing procedure, date and time of implementation, and date and time of discontinuation. ÎÎConduct active, continuing monitoring and surveillance of all necessary elements with feedback to all involved personnel. ÎÎAutomate data. ÎÎInitiate antibiotic stewardship program.

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